Technology at the Lasik Surgery Clinic

There are many valid reasons to consider getting laser corrective surgery on the eyes. For one, a professional qualification for many jobs that rely on sight in emergencies is to have 20/20 vision at least. Another reason might be that a person wants to treat themselves to the procedure instead of dishing out the expense for contacts and new eyeglasses each year. They might have done the math and realized that they would rather pay out one lump sum and have the convenience of waking up to perfect vision.

A Lasik Surgery Clinic will offer all the latest in technology. This laser procedure, called LASIK, is the most popular refractive surgery to correct vision. One of the latest procedures is wavefront-guided (custom) LASIK. The result is a more precise surgery that can correct more of the aberrations in the eye that can cause images to be blurry such as astigmatism and nearsightedness. Conventional LASIK cannot correct these aberrations. Conventional Lasik uses the prescription glasses measurements to correct the vision. Both of the procedures help to minimize the need to wear contacts or glasses.

When one is choosing a procedure, they have to weigh out which type of lasik will best suit their needs. Custom Lasik is more expensive, but worth it if there is more corrective work to be done in the eyes. Also, the Lasik Surgery Clinic will have a free consultation and tell the patient whether the individual is even a candidate for custom Lasik.

It is best to let a Lasik Surgery Clinic in one’s area assess the eyes and make recommendations. The opthalmologists have studied many years and know the in’s and out’s of their equipment and procedures. Making an appointment is free, and then a person can know how much the eyesight will be improved before committing to the procedure.