Importance of Having SkillsFuture Courses

Singapore is one of the countries which do empower their citizens to achieve their aspirations and life ambitions .This is possible through the SkillsFuture courses program in Singapore. SkillsFuture (a national movement) offers education and skills to the Singaporeans and thus making them well-informed and fit for a variety of opportunities.

How does this SkillsFuture benefit Singaporeans?

All Singaporeans aged 25 years and above are eligible to have the SkillsFuture credit. One is offered a credit worth S$500 to enable him\her learn new or advance skills and knowledge. These SkillsFuture credits have no expiry date and can be used plus other government subsidies.

People who have undergone then various SkillsFuture courses, stand a better position of getting employed than those who haven’t .SkillsFuture equips one with useful and profitable skills which many employers when they recruit graduates. These include the following:

1.Business English

This is an important skill that as a job seeker you shouldn’t miss. The ability of one to communicate and express himself/herself is a key in every form of business. This particular skill is crucial if you are that person who cannot be able to speak and write well or lacking clarity of communication. It will not only improve your communication skills, but also enhance your image and professionalism. In addition, if you are planning to enter into a management field or the company you are interested in is looking for and editor or a technician to read and write operating instructions, you cannot afford skipping this skill.

This business English courses by Aventis are available both in full-time and part-time basis and it’s upon you to choose.

2.Basic Accounting

This particular skill is useful in the business world. Accounting itself is a language in business. It helps one keep and track financial records and also predict trends in the market. If you are planning to start-up a business, building your own investment portfolio or your work has something to do with investigative elements in finance; you need to enroll in this course.

3.Logistics skills or Supply Chain Management

This is another skill that is highly considered when one needs to be employed in manufacturing companies and even the companies with suppliers and distributors. Also, if you need to start up your own business, this skill is very crucial.

4.Certification skill in Social Media Management

The skill is equally important to to those who aspire to generate income from the social media platforms i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Email Marketing among the many others. Also, if your profession is related to web development and content creation, it is good you enroll in courses related to social media management.


Many companies need experts who can analyze and interpret data then present in in a more detailed format. For the individuals interested or are working in companies which need statistics, you need this particular course.


Finally, an individual is not limited to the number of SkillsFuture courses he/she can enroll. One can choose to study a variety of them but is advisable; one confirms whether the companies offer any subsidiaries before enrolling.