Braces Installment in Singapore

Braces Installment in Singapore

Braces play a vital role in aligning and straightening crooked, misplaced, and crowded teeth and to position them perfectly. Braces have benefits which may include; prevention of tooth decays and gum diseases, helps correct stubborn jaws, one’s confidence is boosted. There are two types of braces installment in singapore namely: removable and fixed braces. Fixed are attached while removable can be taken out during brushing of teeth. Braces are easily assessable and affordable.


Booking of initial appointment by dentist is necessary prior treatment who performs oral inspection in Singapore .X-rays or radiographs may be needed depending on many issues of alighnment.From that point dental consultant is able to explain your options ,length of treatment and finally cost of treatment.

Braces installment

This is a fast and painless step. It takes period of one or two hours. Make sure you brush and rinse your teeth thorough to remove debris .After dentist checks your teeth are clean he begins to attach brackets by use of bonding glue. A taste may be noticed though the glue is safe.

Straighten teeth

After the brackets are attached, a short burst of a lot of ultraviolet light is needed to complete the process of bonding. Stainless wire is placed over the bracelets and small elastics is used to help them in place.


One may choose to take advantage of comfort or cosmetics benefits some braces from Depacific usually offer depending on your needs. For cosmetic needs, creating natural look is achieved by blending ceramic brackets with teeth.

In Singapore However, one can fix specially formed brackets at back of teeth to reduce visibility. Clear acrylic trays can be produced to fix over the top of your teeth for usual repairs. It is easy to brush, eat and floss with the tray therefore easy to remove. Thereafter installment the dentist directs you on how to maintain oral hygiene by eating softer foods and applying of wax.