7 Reasons To Use Claber Tools For Gardening

Claber is synonymous with excellence, quality, and superiority. If you’re looking for a one-stop destination for all your water system, irrigation system, and gardening system needs, Claber is the place to be. At Claber you are guaranteed of a wide selection of a plant watering system that can cater for your gardens, balconies, and terraces. Whether it’s water sprinkler, humidifiers nozzles, or wholesale wands, you’ll be surprised by the all-encompassing inventory of quality irrigation system that Claber has to offer.

Below, we look at some of the five reasons to use Claber tools for gardening.

  • Quality - Formed in 1969, Claber was the first Italian company to obtain UNI ENISO 9001 certification. This is to mean, that the entire Claber workflow, from products, design, manufacturing to after sale services comply with the rigorously defined and quality criteria.
  • Performance -Quality comes with performance. Having been ISO certified, you can expect to work with products that will surpass your expectation regarding performance.
  • Design - Aesthetically speaking, Claber has some of the most eye-appealing irrigation design systems in the market. Aesthetics aside, most of the Claber products are ergonomic, meaning they are easy to handle.
  • Long-term solution - Claber products are designed for long-term efficiency, meaning the products take into consideration the needs of your projects not only for today but ten or twenty years from now. The expert design team at Claber does so by looking at all angles of your project from plant growth perspective. Ultimately, this means that you will no longer have to spend extra cash on buying or updating your Claber tools.
  • Efficiency - According to Claber, their mission is to guarantee every plant the right to irrigation, at the right time, and without wasting a resource that is vital to life on Earth- water. Claber has developed products that are ultra-efficient in water and energy conservation.
  • High-tech products - Technological breakthroughs in irrigation are driven by necessity. By exploring new frontiers of technology, design, and quality, Claber is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to the limit in every project they undertake. Therefore, you can expect convenient gardening systems from Steve & Leif on the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Eco-friendly - Irrigation is the silent hero for gardens, lawns, nurseries, and the like. With a wide variety of options, Claber provides an eco-friendly solution for each project. Claber, drip irrigation, in particular, offers an efficient and simple watering system.


Beyond the products, Claber is also known as a leader in outstanding customer service, product training, research and development center and technical support in all irrigation systems segments.