3 Tips to Healthy Eating

Healthy MealOver the years, experts have raised a concern about the increasing cases of obesity both in adults and in children. Obesity brings with it several complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems which are known to have different consequences on an individual.

Consuming healthy food is the key to ensure that as an individual you are able to maintain your weight while on the other hand ensuring that your body receives the necessary nutrients. Experts have determined the key to healthy eating is balance, variety and moderation.

Below are 3 tips for healthy eating:

Eat Nutrient Rich Food

Our bodies require over 40 nutrients each day in order to ensure that one stays healthy. The problem is there is no one food that can supply all these nutrients at once. Nature has blessed us with foods that when combined will ensure as individuals, they get to benefit from the nutrients.

Examples of nutrient rich foods that you can consume include whole grain products such as bread, fruits such as apples, vegetables such as spinach, low fat dairy products, lean beef, poultry, fish and other protein rich foods.

Consume Moderate Portions

In order to ensure that you eat healthy, you need to consume portions that are reasonable. This not only ensures that you stay healthy but will help to ensure that you consume only what you require. Experts recommend that the moderate serving for cooked meat is 3 ounces and the moderate ratio or size for a piece of fruit is one medium sized.

For pasta, a cup which is equal to two servings is perfect and for ice cream, a pint which consists of four servings is the recommended measure.

Balance your Food

It is important to remember that not all food you eat needs to be perfect for example if you consume foods that are rich in fat, salt and sugar, you can balance next time by consuming foods that are low in fat, salt and sugar. If you miss out on eating foods belonging to a particular group, you can make up for it in the next meal.

In conclusion, this means that your food choices over a period of several days should fit together to form a healthy pattern and the best advice is start eating healthy for a healthier lifestyle than regret later.