3 Benefits of Yoga you need to Know

YogaYoga is known to be a healing system of theory and practice. It involves the performance of different postures and positions, which enable the individual to be one in body, spirit and mind. Over the years, yoga has received wide spread popularity around the world even becoming a Hollywood trend where many celebrities are currently engaged in.

Although there are different schools of yoga, majority of sessions involve breathing exercises, meditation and the performance of postures which are referred to as asana that help to stretch and flex different muscle groups.

Below are 3 benefits of yoga you need to know about:

Helps to increase Flexibility

In the first day of yoga class, you may find it difficult to even touch your toes properly or even bend to the various positions as instructed. With continued practice and performance of various poses, you will gradually be able to perform positions that you only dreamed about. This shows that yoga helps to improve one’s flexibility therefore helping to prevent future problems such as back pain and poor posture.

Builds your Muscles and increases your Strength

Having strong muscles not only makes one to look good but also ensures that as an individual, you are protected from conditions such as arthritis and back pain. This helps to prevent falling especially among elderly people.

Yoga help to build strength and when combined with flexibility, it ensures that your body is well balanced unlike where you go to the gym and lift weights only therefore building strength at the expense of flexibility.

Promotes your Immune System

The immune system is improved through asana and pranayama therefore ensuring that the body has a defense mechanism that is able to fight disease-causing agents. This is achieved by raising the amount of anti bodies, which help to fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses.